Global justice is the recognition that the global order benefits the few at the expense of the many, and the belief that we can, and must, change it. 

In the final decades of last century, the world got smaller. Goods, capital, and information now cross borders at a pace never before possible in a broad process that we call globalization. In this newly globalized world, wealth rules all. Multinational corporations abuse human rights with impunity. The world’s elite hoard their riches in hidden bank accounts. Powerful Western nations, themselves acting in the interests of capital, impose their will on the Global South. Any accountability that the global economy once had to the needs of the people dwindles daily.

We’re often made to think that this is the inevitable result of globalization – that this is an integrated world, and the only other option is to retreat to a former nationalism. But that’s not the case. There are many ways for the world to become integrated – near-infinite forms of governance, politics, economics, rules and norms that might constitute a world order. The path that we did take – the one that brings us to a world of the few – is called “neoliberal” globalization. Neoliberal globalization is not inevitable.

An alternate form of globalization is possible. We believe we can create a world order that is not dominated by the profit motive; a world order where the economic system produces prosperity for all; a world order where corporations can no longer violate human rights, decimate local labor laws, and destroy the environment with impunity; a world order where everyone has the basic necessities of life; and a world order where the power belongs to all of the people, not just the rich, and not just the Global North.

To borrow a phrase from the UK Labour party, we can build a world that works for the many, not the few

The term global justice is used to describe many things, but here, it means the belief that this alternate world is not only a possibility, but a necessity. This website is meant as a resource in the movement for global justice. The main site will give a basic overview of just a few of the most prominent issues of global justice: the problems, some proposed solutions, and what organizations could use your support in fighting for change. 

In some cases, the division of these issues is arbitrary – in reality, they are so deeply related as to be multiple sides of the same issue. There are also important issues that have been missed. Many of these will, ideally, be elaborated at some point in the Global Justice Blog, or addressed in the Weekly News Digest.

There is much to be done. The global order, as it is now, can, and must, change. Fortunately, the world is full of people devoting their lives to doing just that. However bleak things may at times seem, hope can always be found in the vast network of individuals and organizations working together to bring about a more just world. I hope that this site, as a resource on global justice basics, participant in the global justice discourse, and provider of global justice news, can, in some small way, contribute to these efforts.